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This year, get your guy a gift he will love for Valentine’s Day!

by The WellGirl
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Valentines Day can be a fun time of year to let your special someone know how much they mean to you. Instead of candy, give him a give that keeps on give and remind of your love all year long!

Tools of the Trade

Survival tools are super popular these days.

These handy pocket-sized multitools eliminate the need for the bulky toolbox and are loaded with functionality.

This is a manly gift that he will love for years to come!

image of the wallet-ninja multi-tool

Wallet Ninja- 18 in 1 Credit Card Sized Multitool


Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Huntsman Pocket Knife


LEATHERMAN – Surge Heavy Duty Multitool


Couples That Play Together, Stay Together!

Games are a great option for a fun date night at home. 

Break the mold of the boring games of old!

These conversation starters will strengthen your relationship, deepen intimacy and encourage a journey of discovery into your partner’s innermost self. 


OUR MOMENTS Couples: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships


Game for Couples LOOPY – Date Night Box – Best of Couples Games and Couples Gifts




Bucket Lists & Sentiments

Preserve memories of your special date nights and times shared together with a ticket stub organizer or shadow box.

If he loves to travel, a scratch-off world map is a fun and fantastic gift for showcasing all the places he has been. 

Collect a year’s worth of love and laughter with the Red Rock Jar of Happy Happenings.

Drop one happy moment in the jar each day and review an entire collection of meaningful memories at the end of the year!


Just the Ticket: Ticket Stub Organizer



Top Loading Shadowbox for The Concert Movie Theater




Top Shelf Love Notes Memory Jar


Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples


What I Love about You Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal


So Tech Savvy!

Odds are high your guy has had his eye on some of the new and super useful electronics on the market these days. 

Tile is a tiny electronic gps that attaches to the things that we set down and leave behind or lose all too frequently, i.e., iPad, keys, wallet, phone, etc. This one is a no-brainer if your guy is always losing his things! 


Tile Mate (2020) – 1 Pack

The Amazon Echo is like having your own personal assistant. With the help of Alexa, it will set alarms, reminders, timers, tell jokes, play music, answer almost any question. Lots of fun! 


All-new Echo (3rd Gen)- Smart speaker with Alexa

Also connected to Alexa through voice remote is the Fire TV Cube. The Cube allows you to control your tv completely hands-free! It will even call your friends, check the weather, dim the lights before your favorite show starts AND send a Show Time heads up to everyone in the house!

All this and he never even left the couch!

Tell me what man won’t love THIS little slice of Heaven! 


All-new Fire TV Cube, hands-free with Alexa


A Matter Of Time

Help him add that perfect blend of style and functionality to his look with the perfect watch and a reminder of your love.


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Titanium Perpetual Chrono Atomic Timekeeping Watch


Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch


All In The Name Of Love

Help your guy feel special with a gift that will remind him of your love all year long!

A 3-D printed moon lamp will put a smile on his face as it’s ambient glow sends a gentle reminder that you love him “to the moon and back.” 


Couples 3-D Moon Lamp


A set of couples mugs is a great way to enjoy your morning coffee together or apart! 

image-of-couples-coffee-mugs-i-like-her-butt-i-like-his-beardI Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Couples Coffee Mug Set 11oz 


Express your love this year with a couple’s keychain. This sentimentannyl gift will remind him to be careful while he’s away and that you need him to return home safely to you.


LParkin Drive Safe Keychain Handsome I Love You


Deepen your relationship and strengthen your communication with the “A Year of Us” interactive couple’s journal. With questions that are designed to encourage relationship growth, this journal is proof that when your conversation goes deeper, so does your love!


A Year of Us: A Couples Journal