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Are you often short on time and find the first thing falling off your schedule for the day is your workout?

Or does it sometimes seem that your efforts to lose weight have you running on the road to nowhere?

If this is the case for you, then a little High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) might be worth a try. 

HIIT is a workout that moves quickly between intense activity – usually at maximum effort – and less intense exercise or rest.

For instance, you can run at a full sprint for about sixty seconds, and then follow this with a fast paced walk or jog for the next minute or two. 

This maximum effort/active recovery cycle is then repeated continuously for approximately 15-20 minutes for a short, but complete workout. 

Alternate drills like these ensure you obtain maximum benefit for your effort.

The following is a list of 15 additional ways you can benefit from incorporating HIIT Cardio into your workout routine. 

1. Increases Metabolism 

High-Intensity Interval Training increases your metabolism.

As we all know, an increase in metabolism equals more calories burned = WIN!  

2. Builds Endurance 

If you’re doing it right, HIIT workouts are a for-real, spicy sweat sesh that will for sure help you build the endurance you need to meet the demands of anything your body requires of you!

3. Time-Efficient 

Research has shown  that HIIT cardio burns more calories in less time than other forms of exercise.

Hmmm…Need I say more?

4. No Equipment Needed

You don’t need any exercise equipment when engaging in high-intensity interval training.

You can do this workout anywhere. No equipment required!

5. Cardiovascular Benefits

HIIT Cardio strengthens your heart.

Interval training makes it easier for you to push yourself into the anaerobic zone, which is where the magic happens. 

6. Fat Loss

HIIT workouts are designed to increase weight loss while preserving muscle for those who are interested. (This can also be a great cardio workout for anyone looking to maintain.)

7. Challenging

No matter your fitness level, HIIT cardio will never cease to provide you with a challenging workout.

8. Increased Calorie Burn

You’re still burning additional calories for up to 24 hours after this short and sweet workout. 

I don’t know about you, but if you’re passin out free bonus calories, I’m in!

9. Better Than Conventional Cardio 

The benefits of high-intensity interval training far outweigh your conventional stroll on the treadmill.

For example, HIIT Cardio has been shown to provide you with a little boost of the hormone HGH (human growth hormone). 

HGH slows the aging process AAAND increases that caloric burn!

10. Muscle Retention 

Although it’s short, it’s not always sweet.

That said, HIIT cardio is definitely one of the ways you can help your body retain muscle while losing fat. 

11. Improved Cardio Fitness

A few HIIT exercises every week can significantly improve your cardiovascular fitness, thus boosting your stamina, energy levels and performance.


12. Eliminates Boredom

The short and intense nature of HIIT workouts are challenging.

These workouts call for your complete focus.

Because these workouts are quick and intense, they eliminate the workout boredom that so often leads to loss of interest and reverting back to old habits.

Remember friends, our goal here is that lifestyle change, so no looking back. We’re not going that way!

13. Fast and Convenient

As mentioned, HIIT workouts are quick and convenient. You can do them anywhere and anytime.

First thing in the morning is usually best. Just get eliminate all excuses and get it over with!

Eat that frog, friends! 

14. HIIT Trains Both Energy Systems 

All-out efforts and intense exercises are all you need to train both your aerobic and anaerobic energy system.

15. Ideal for Everyone

From the beginner to the seasoned pro, HIIT workouts are a quick an ideal way to meet any fitness goal of any level. 

There you have it – 15 health benefits of HIIT cardio.


Below is a sample workout for you to try:

45 seconds of Burpees, 15 seconds of rest.  45 seconds of High Knees, 15 seconds of rest.

45 seconds of Mountain Climbers, 15 seconds of rest.  Then 45 seconds Box Jumps, 15 seconds of rest.

 Repeat these four-minute intervals four times … that’s a sixteen-minute workout that can be done anywhere with amazing benefits!!

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