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If you have difficulty losing weight, having a basic understanding of your specific body shape will be key to your weight loss success.

Knowledge of your body shape will help you increase your results and lose weight a little easier.

Below, we will list the 4 body types and their descriptions. We will also talk a little later about some tips and tricks to help you jump start your weight loss.

Which Body Shape Are You?

women with different body shapes

The Apple

The “apple shape” that refers to the central distribution of body fat.

In other words, it implies the accumulation of body fat in the torso or abdominal area.

If you have such a shape, your waistline is where you will tend to gain additional weight.

This leads to the appearance of what is otherwise knowns as “belly fat.”

Age also affects a woman’s shape due to factors such as menopause.

Fat distribution begins to shift due to a decrease in estrogen supply. 

This causes the accumulation of abdominal fat, which creates that apple-shaped stature.

Increased abdominal fat may make you more prone to insulin resistance and type 2 Diabetes.

It may further increase your risk for hypertension and heart disease.

The best diet for those with an apple-shaped body should be lower in refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. 

Eating a diet lower in carbohydrates and adding in healthy fats, such as avocado, olive oil and fish (if you like fish) can really help to reduce your waistline, while improving your health. 

Think: omelet for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, veggie sticks or green smoothie for snack, protein and vegetables for dinner.

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The Pear

This is a term that is used to describe the localization of body fat to the hips, buttocks, thighs and legs.


Pears have slim upper bodies with narrow shoulders, small busts and tiny waistlines. 

The pear-shaped body tends to be more vulnerable to varicose veins, cellulite accumulation and osteoporosis.

Research shows that lower body fat is stubborn and more difficult to lose than upper body fat.

This is due to fat being more readily available to burn in the upper body (apples) than in the lower body (pears).

A lower carb, high fiber diet is best for this body type.

Eating a high-fiber diet can influence weight loss when you have a pear-shaped body.

This is because fiber binds to the estrogen in your gut and then carries it out of your body this way. 

To reduce fat deposits in the lower body, the recommended exercises are HIIT exercises such as plyometric and strength training.

The Rectangle

If you have a pencil or “rectangle” body shape, then it means that your silhouette is fairly straight up and down. 

It’s also a common body figure type for women who have given birth (skin around the waist stretches) or gained weight.

A sure sign to figure out if you’re a Rectangle body shape is to measure yourself.

Observe if you appear heavier than you really are, despite having a fairly flat stomach and you don’t carry a full tummy.

It’s usually your rib cage that makes a Rectangles body a little more wide.

Simply put, the lack of waist definition but hourglass proportions (top and bottom) indicate that your body shape is straight!

It is important to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Rectangles must manage their calories well.

A clean eating meal plan along with exercise will help keep your weight in check.

Exercises such as strength training are the most beneficial to rectangles to help add some sexy curves.

The Inverted Triangle

This is the most athletic-looking silhouette of the different body shapes.

Your shoulders are broad and noticeably wider than your hip line.

Great legs often come with this body shape.

This silhouette has minimal waistline definition.

Simply put, if you feel like your shoulders are taking center stage, then you are most likely an inverted triangle.

Doing a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance exercises is most appropriate for this body type. 

Exercises that concentrate on lower weight with higher repetition will be necessary to obtain an appropriate balance.

Your ideal diet should include protein-rich food, such as fish, chicken, beans and legumes.

Include some fresh vegetables and low-fat dairy or vegan substitute as well.

Its best for those with this body type to keep full-fat dairy and processed foods to a minimum. 

Tips for All Shapes

While our shape may be mostly influenced by genetics and diet, fitness is a non-negligible part not only for overall tone, but for health too.

Exercise not only helps with weight loss, but it boosts your overall health!

It reduces your risk of heart disease, lowers blood sugar and more.

Any exercise is better than no exercise, but here are some areas to focus on for your specific body type:

  • Apple-shaped bodies should focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which works to blast fat and torch calories while improving cardiovascular conditioning.

  • Those with pear shaped bodies should focus on a mix of strength training (focusing on the lower half) and cardio for all over fat burning.

  • Rectangle shaped bodies need to work on building muscle, particularly in the ab area.

  • Lastly, if you have an inverted triangle shape, focus on a mix of strength training (focusing on the upper half) and cardio for all over fat burning.

So as you can see, your body shape can affect the way in which you utilize calories and determines how and where you store fat.

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