Hello And Welcome!

We are Amber and Natalie; sisters and registered nurses on a mission to help touch as many lives as possible through real talk and raw truths. Humor, fitness, fashion, and some other fun topics too, to help keep things light and fun!

Combined, we have a lot of life experience, good and bad alike.  Through these experiences we have learned lessons, gathered stories, and overcome many obstacles, hence, the reason for this blog.

The WellGirl was founded in 2016 when, after many years of nursing, we opened our eyes to the toll that life is willing to take on one’s body and mind if we allow it. This realization slowly grew into a love for fitness, wellness and general self care.  Viewing life through this lens also fostered a core belief, through experience, that overcoming the physical and mental challenges of any honest and consistent wellness and self-care journey overflows into the other areas of your life; It increases your confidence, expands your comfort zone, offers opportunities for personal growth and has the ability to genuinely change who you are for the positive.

We are here now to do what we love, which is to inspire others to keep pushing, to find their greatness and live to their fullest potential. We believe in the philosophy that the ability to be fit, be well and move your body is a privilege and not a punishment and that every day is a priceless gift. We believe that when you look great, you feel great, which helps you put your best foot forward each and everyday toward the pursuit of whatever it takes to accomplish your goals and the life you most desire. 

We are passionate about offering real value and contributing to the success of others. We believe that every woman must seek out and create her own definition of wellness and that each and everyone’s journey is a lifelong and ever-changing discovery of self and personal growth. Together, we hope to grow, learn, identify and conquer barriers, set goals, and create plans to challenge and meet those goals; whatever they may be! We would love for you to join us!